Compacting / shrinking a VHDX

Sometimes you over provision a server and need the space back on your cluster shared volume or use a full fixed size disc and later want a dynamic one and then need to shrink it.   Or it could simply be …..

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List of feature names in DISM

The feature names in DISM are a bit different to those in PowerShell.  You can see what they are from a booted computer with the following command: dism /online /get-features However I find it useful to keep a searchable list …..

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List windows updates or Hotfixes installed after a certain date

Ever found something broken and wondered what updates have been installed since a certain point in the past? PS C:\Users\robin> Get-HotFix | ? installedon -gt 06/09/2015 Source        Description      HotFixID      InstalledBy          InstalledOn ——        ———–      ——–      ———–          ———– Mxxxxx    Update           KB2693643     …..

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Viewing and Deleting elasticsearch indexes

Generally I find it easiest to view the indexes on box by sending a command with curl. for example this will list every index: curl http://localhost:9200/_aliases Unfortunately it lists it in a big block of text, to see it formatted …..

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